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The Chartered Insurance Institute of Ghana (CIIG) formerly known as the Insurance Institute of Ghana (IIG) was established in 1970 as the pioneer professional insurance body to unify and provide a common platform for insurance professionals in Ghana. The Institute was formally inaugurated on October 06, 1972 by the late former Head of State, Col. I. K. Acheampong. There were eighty-six (86) members of Institute in 1972 with Mr. Osei Kufuor as the President.

On January 28, 1982 the Chartered Insurance Institute of Ghana was registered as a professional body under the Professional Bodies Registration Decree, 1973 (NRCD 143). The Institute built international recognition as an affiliate of the Chartered Insurance Institute of London (CII-UK) which maintained an examination Secretariat in Accra-Ghana at the time of the inauguration.

The founding objectives of the Institute at the time of the inauguration were among others to secure the maintenance of professional standards, discipline and etiquette among persons who are members of the Institute and to also localize the insurance professional examinations to make them more relevant to the needs of the local insurance market and be more meaningful and interesting to students.

Past Presidents of the Institute include Nana Awuah Darko-Ampem I, Mr. Osei Kufuor, Mr. Edward Mensah, Mr. Selbi Ashong- Katai, Mr. Albert Brock and Bishop Asante Marfo-Ahenkora.

The need to secure Chartership of the CIIG became necessary and this was initiated and led by the President at the time, Bishop Asante Marfo-Ahenkora. The objectives of CIIG have been summarized under the draft CIIG Chartership Bill as; to promote the development of the insurance profession and practice to ensure the integrity of the insurance profession in the Country; and to ensure that insurance practice and services are of the highest possible standards and conform to internationally accepted best practice.

In 2016, the members of CIIG adopted a Constitution through an Annual General Meeting under the leadership of Mr. Albert Brock as President. The CIIG Constitution on July 13, 2021 was amended through an Extraordinary General Meeting to expand its scope to include among others all insurance professionals including those practicing in the Health and Pensions sectors and to also create the Certificate and Diploma membership classes.

The CIIG is currently implementing a strategy named “Strengthen – Consolidate – Grow – Sustain Strategy” from January 2023. The vision is to strengthen existing structures (physical, institutional and resource), consolidate gains, expand and put in place further structures and strategies to ensure sustainability of the institution and its gains.

The CIIG between January 2021 and December 2022 implemented the “Defend and Grow Strategy” from January 2021 with an aspiration to Grow the CIIG within a world class governance environment. Among the initiatives were to redefine insurance penetration in Ghana to include Health and Pensions to the Life and General Insurance, develop ABC of Insurance Book as well as develop Insurance Practice Reference Manuals to improve insurance practice. We thank the GIZ for the support in developing the Insurance Practice Reference Manuals (this is an ongoing process).

The Governing Council of the Institute is made up of six (6) elected National Officers, One (1) Representative of the National Insurance Commission (NIC), One (1) Representative of the Ghana Insurers Association (GIA), One (1) Representative of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ghana (IBAG), One (1) Representative of the Private Health Insurance Association-Ghana (PHI-G), One (1) Representative of the Chamber of Corporate Trustees (CCT), One (1) Loss Adjuster or Representative of Loss Adjusters, the Director of the Ghana Insurance College (GIC) and the Immediate Past President of the Institute.

We bring more than 24 years’ senior experience forging of collaborations across government.

Our Mission

To produce insurance professionals of the highest quality, ready to offer world class services to clients at all times and uphold the ethical values of the profession.


Our vision

To be the foremost provider of Insurance practitioners, providing services of the highest professional standards in Ghana

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