Associate Membership

A person shall not be eligible for admission or transfer to the Class of Associate unless such person shall have:

Attained an internationally recognized Advanced Diploma in Insurance or Loss Adjusting or have pursued such other course of education and passed such qualifying examinations as the Council may prescribe unless exempted by the Council;
Been wholly or mainly engaged or employed in work connected with insurance for a period not less than Five (5) years;
Attained, acquired and established reputation as an insurance expert and deemed fit to be admitted to such class by the Council and; paid the prescribed fees and subscriptions;

Associates so admitted shall be entitled to use after their names the words ‘Associate of the Insurance Institute of Ghana’ or the initials ‘AIIG

How to Apply

A person seeking to be a member of the Institute shall apply using the prescribed form.
An application for admission as an Associate of the Institute shall be supported by Two (2) Associates in good standing
The admission of persons to any class of membership of the Institute shall be made by the Council upon the recommendation of the Professional Standards Committee.
Persons admitted as members of the Institute shall pay such Admission Fee and Annual Subscription in accordance with the class of membership.
Where persons so admitted fail to pay such Admission Fee and Annual Subscription within a period of three (3) calendar months after the date of notification of admission, such admission shall be void and such persons may be notified accordingly.
Until admitted, a candidate shall not be entitled to any of the rights or privileges of membership.
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