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The Chartered Insurance Institute Of Ghana is a professional body which provides designations on insurance professionals who have reached a certain level of study. These professional designations are progressive and determined by the level of insurance technical content a qualification covers.

The Chartered Insurance Institute Of Ghana has identified qualifications for each designation in partnership with the institutions who provide these qualifications and are the custodians of the appropriate professional standing required to serve insurance clients in an appropriate and responsible way.

  • Membership shall be open to individuals and corporate bodies wholly or mainly engaged or employed in work connected with the insurance industry.
  • Qualified persons may become members of the Institute by express application to the Council which may admit such persons that it deems fit upon payment of such fees as the Council may from time to time prescribe.
  • The Council may in its discretion allow persons who have ceased to be engaged or employed in the insurance industry to retain their membership or, if such membership has lapsed, to re-admit them.
  • The rights and privileges of every member shall be personal and shall not be transferable by any act or operation of law.
  • No member of the Institute shall be entitled to any rights or privileges other than those which by this Constitution, attach to the specific class of membership of the Institute to which a member belongs.
  • The term “member” used without qualification shall except where otherwise expressly mentioned be taken to include all classes of Membership
  • If you work for a corporate member company you still have to apply for individual membership.
  • Similarly, membership of a local insurance institute does not automatically translate to IIG membership
  • Be sure to read the: